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Ndevana Ladies FC

In some ways soccer brought me to Africa, so it seems fitting that my last full day on the continent will be spent completing a soccer-related task. Let me begin at the beginning. For the first 35 years of my  [Read More]

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Do-goodery: engaged

Great news! Remember this post about Unakho, the women’s group in Mdantsane Village? Well it generated some notice from my Canadian friends, and today I am taking an envelope stuffed with donations to Mama Celia. As Craig and I jump  [Read More]

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Duncan Village shebeen

Well, we’re kicking off my last week in Africa with an extraordinary adventure: Craig and I have been invited to a shebeen (tavern) in Duncan Village by Craig’s friend and colleague, Dumile. It is nerve-wracking and exciting, likely-dangerous, and a  [Read More]

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Anarchy and patience

Here’s something I’ve noticed: South Africa has almost no rules. In fact, so few things are disallowed here that I am shocked when anything at all is prohibited. In some ways South Africa is all anarchy, which raises an interesting  [Read More]

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Additional Photos: Cape Town

Click on a thumbnail for a closer look:

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Table Mountain: Terror Edition

It’s 3pm and we have been up since 6am in order to make it to Boulders Bay and back in time for lunch (which was delightful – I recommend the chicken salad at Table Thirteen, 78 Victoria Junction, Cape Town).  [Read More]

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Buffoonery at Boulders Bay

I don’t know when the penguin obsession began but after missing them in Argentina (Buenos Aires is too far north), I am determined to see them while I am on the Western Cape. And I don’t mean those benumbed beasts  [Read More]

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Shark Fever

As if the lions, holdups, puff adders and giant cockroaches weren’t enough, Craig and I decide to go shark cage diving. The shuttle picks us up at 6am and we drive 2 hours to Gansbaai. When we arrive the driver  [Read More]

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Mike and I play for the weekend. At night he takes me to the gay bars where I get high on Red Bull and vodka, and the afternoons are spent over long lunches and bottles of wine. The pace here  [Read More]

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I just had my first run-in with a giant African cockroach. It was about 1.5 x 0.75 inches, and looked like the flat, wet end of a discarded cigar. It all started as I was making dinner. The potatoes were  [Read More]

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